2014. Sandpaper, Flashé, woodboard, Elmer's glue, rocks and cardboard.
Immersive installation experience made of building materials. It refers to the architectural aerial photos of roofs that denote the repetitive geometrization of the planet's surface. The works are inspired in part by 1960's design styles and Phillip K. Dick's science fiction novel The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, where people are forced to live only under roofs. With a background in graphic design, the artist seeks materials with defined physicality and often deconstructs the mixed use of hand-constructed and industrial fabrication of art. Blurring boundaries between design, collage, sculpture and interior decoration, the work includes 45-degree angle and horizontal paintings, and a wall-to-wall mural that play with perspective, the human scale, and material displacement and re-contextualization. —MCASB Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara